[xml] Re: Non-ASCII characters

I found the answer to my question. I needed to convert the characters with UTF8Toisolat1().

Sorry for wasting the bandwidth.

Dan Timis

p.s.  I meant ²

From: Dan Timis <timis rahul net>
Date: Sat Sep 20, 2003  9:54:36 PM US/Pacific
To: xml gnome org
Subject: Non-ASCII characters

I am trying to save internal data from an application to xml, then later parse the xml to restore the internal data. Some strings come from external sources and I noticed that sometimes there are characters above 0x7F. In one instance, a string had two characters, first 'x' then 0xB2, which is "superscript two" in other words "x squared."

When I save to xml I get:


When I use SAX to retrieve the string I get "x" then I get 0xC2 0xB2. I know very little about Unicode, but I found that "superscript two" is 00B2 in the Unicode Latin-1 supplement. What is C2B2?

I fixed the problem by skipping the 0xC2 and appending the the character that follows it to the string, but it feels like a bad hack. Is there a way to specify that I am working with 1-byte characters in the full range 00-FF? Is there another way to solve this problem?


Dan Timis

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