[xml] xmlRegisterOutputCallbacks() doesn't set xmlOutputCallbackInitial ized

Hello Daniel, hello @all,

the libxml2 function "xmlRegisterOutputCallbacks()" doesn't
(re-)set the flag "xmlOutputCallbackInitialized" when called.
So, if you clear the "xmlOutputCallbackTable" to solely use
user defined callbacks and register them via
"xmlRegisterOutputCallbacks()", a subsequent call to an
output callback (e.g. "xmlOutputBufferCreate()") will
re-register (and use) the default callbacks instead of the
user defined ones.
Same for "xmlRegisterInputCallbacks()".

I guess this behaviour isn't intended, the attached patch
would fix it, by the way it removes two unecessary (redundant)
lines of code. It's against xmlIO.c, CVS revision 1.113.

Ciao, Markus

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Keim

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