[xml] XMLTextReader stream backward operation

Hello libXML developers, 
    I am using the libXML XMLTextReader python binding
to parse >1 XML files. I need to be able to merge sort
these files into a single XML files based on the value
of an attribute of a main node. 
The problem I am facing is due to the fact
XMLTextReader 'read' operation is always an active
operation in that it moves the stream to next node. 
      For those streams, whose values have not been
included in the merged file in the current pass, I
need to use the current nodes for the next passes. 
         Is there some way I can back track
(current->parent) using the XMLTextReader API so that
I can access the previous node? 
PS: I tried to store current node in a temporary
variable using shallow copy but for some reason this
caused the program to crash (Segmentation fault in python!!!)

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