Re: [xml] Compressed Documents

On Tue, Sep 09, 2003 at 11:59:52AM +0200, Bjorn Reese wrote:
I am participating in a W3C workshop [1] on binary representations
of XML. If anybody has any opinion on this topic, please let me

  Oh my ! You made that one ... Here is my viewpoint, feel free
to propagate it to the assembly, a lot of them knows me. If you
have a chance to go to the microphone, and are ready for a bit
of indirect flaming, here is my view on the topic:

  General compression on top of an XML serialization is fine [1].
But designing a "binary infoset serialization" would looses all
interoperability and designs achievements of the XML-1.0 W3C

[1] as in direct compression or more general packaging as the
    ZIP format of OpenOffice documents.


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