Re: [xml] [PATCH] libxml2-2.6.1 for BeOS

  Yeah, could you do that ? I always feel unsafe if I need to edit 
because only part of it only can apply.

here it is.
  I think libxml2 usage of threads is relatively basic, while those 
semantic are really important of generic thread APIs for the limited use 
within libxml2 this should not have side effects.

good :)
  Okay :-) if you can make new patches that would be great,

done :)

Could someone change configure script and/or makefile so it will add 
"#define HAVE_BEOS_THREADS" to config.h? also there is no libm on BeOS 
(math is in "default" system libs, no need to link additional things) - 
that's not a big problem since library links ok, but still it would be 
"cleaner" if it wouldn't add -lm on BeOS. also it would be great if there 
was configure switch to chose threads type (for example here i have 
libpthread, but it's buggy and not usable for libxml2, so i use BeOS 
native sepmaphore and TLC).
I don't know how to do that :( i know configure scripts often use uname to 
recognize OS so here it is:

$ uname --help
Usage: /bin/uname [OPTION]...
Print certain system information.  With no OPTION, same as -s.

  -a, --all        print all information
  -m, --machine    print the machine (hardware) type
  -n, --nodename   print the machine's network node hostname
  -r, --release    print the operating system release
  -s, --sysname    print the operating system name
  -p, --processor  print the host processor type
  -v               print the operating system version
      --help       display this help and exit
      --version    output version information and exit

Report bugs to <bug-sh-utils gnu org>.
$ uname
$ uname -a
BeOS trantor 5.0 1000009 BePC unknown
$ uname -m
$ uname -n
$ uname -r
$ uname -s
$ uname -p
$ uname -v

THX in advance


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