[xml] [PATCH] libxml2-2.6.1 for BeOS


I know some changes were already added to CVS but i wanted to make "clean" 
diff. If it's much trouble i can try make patch for current CVS.

No one answered my question about it, I modified xmlMutex implementation 
so now only thread who locked mutex can unlock it. Since i used thread_id 
for it, i could remove the same tid from xmlRMutex. Trying to lock from 
the same thread will make deadlock - didn't change that because i've read 
in pthread docs that default pthread_mutex type makes the same (and i 
wanted to keep it funtion the more or less the same way as on other 

I also patched nanohttp code for making nonblocking socket on BeOS (didn't 
work before). Now i can download whole html from url, not only first x 
bytes ;D


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