[xml] [PATCH] BeOS threading support.


I've modified threads.c and testThreads to let libxml2 use "mutex" etc.. 
code on BeOS.
There is partly implemented libpthreads for BeOS, but it's very far from 
usable state :(

I also "fixed" nanoftp.c and nanohttp.c - they wouldn't compile with 
-DSTANDALONE on BeOS because of lack of data casting in few places :(

i added testThreadsBeOS.c file, but didn't know how to make configure 
script, or makefile base files to use it instead of testThreads.c without 
some hacking in them. so i just removed testThreads.c and put symlink with 
that name to testThreadsBeOS.c - that's why in attached diff file there 
are changes in testThreads.c.

test runs ok, so i suppose code is ok, but i don't have anything to test 
it in "real-life" usage.


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