[xml] Ignore external subset

Hello all,

i want to parse memory blocks using "xmlParseDocument" with a
pre-build parser context (special I/O callbacks since we're using
an abstraction layer for all I/O and memory related tasks).
Obvious there is no base path for the documents, although they possibly
include relative references to external DTD subsets.
So i want to ignore the external subsets while parsing and validate the
documents subsequently after providing a base path.
I've found that setting "parserCtxt->loadsubset" to zero (provided that
"parserCtxt" is an "xmlParserCtxt") seems to work for me.
I wonder if direct access of the "xmlParserCtxt" member is the supposed
way to do such things, or is there a better way / API for it?

Thanx & Ciao, Markus

Mit freundlichen Gruessen - Kind regards
Markus Keim

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