Re: [xml] libxml port to QCDOC.

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 10:34:11AM +0100, Balint Joo wrote:

      I have compiled up libxml2 (version 2.5.1 for now) on a
prototype node of a QCDOC supercomputer. I am really impressed
that fundamentally the whole thing just worked (even though
it went through a cross compile) Well done you all.
(Incidentally for more info on the QCDOC supercomputer, visit: or just type QCDOC into Google)

  "Runs everywhere" !
  That looks like a fun box to work with :-)

However, our toolchain and operating system is restricted on the QCDOC,
in particular a couple of UNIX/POSIX functions are missing from
our OS or are not available to users (such as getcwd and stat).

Alas this is the sorrow of having a homebrew OS. In any case, I found
that in the config.h file, I can #undef HAVE_STAT, and for getcwd
I just return "/" all the time. However, it would be nice if I could
somehow tell ./configure to #undef HAVE_STAT. As it is it will probe
for stat and find the newlib stub (which is not really functional in
our case).

  Hum, the simplest would be to change to detect your 
specific target (the one your use for the cross compile) and then undo
the configure probes, or avoid doing them.
For the now we could certainly proceed in such a way, that I configure
as normal, and some post processing script undefines HAVE_STAT in the
config.h file. The ultimate cleanest way of doing things would be
to hide our stat function stub so that the configure script won't find it,
however this may be invasive to newlib which is also undersirable.
Would it perhaps be reasonable possible to patch the configure script
by adding a --disable-statfunc switch?  I

  Hum, no, patching the to make special work for your
target is the cleanest option in my opinion. I take patches (to not to configure, which is generated from it).


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