RE: RE: [xml] Makefile, configure.js and DSP comments

A few month ago, Igor was always repeating
that those dsp projects where not maintained
anymore. What's their status today?
Should'nt we simply remove them from CVS?

DOCBparser.c does not hurt. It can
remain there for ABI compatibility
on windows as well.

Adding the LIBXML_STATIC_FOR_DLL option
in configure.js is useful, if only
to document the option somehow. 
I may look into it, but not right now.


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I could provide patches for the MSVC project files and maybe the BCB
ones. I am not that expericened with makefiles, so I guess you better
take care of it. It's not that bad for me, if the changes 
don't make it
into 2.60., because I use a custom project file for my 
compile. But for
other ppl out there relying on the configure.js or the project files,
that come with it it would be quite nice to fix it. I will take a look
at it later today or this week.

Jesse Pelton <jsp PKC com> schrieb am 16.10.2003, 14:29:16:
Oliver, would you be willing to provide patches for some or 
all of this?  I
don't use the MSVC IDE, so I can't address the .dsp issues. 
 I can deal with
configure.js, but not for a few days, so any changes I make 
won't make it
into 2.6.0 if it goes out this weekend.

Daniel, do the and changes fall 
into your domain?

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On Thu, Oct 16, 2003 at 11:04:01AM +0200, 
oliverst online de wrote:

- DocBook should removed from the configure.js
- in the configure.js an additional kind of static build 
should be added
- it seems like the LIBXML_STATIC define is missing in the 
dsp coming
with the libxml2 for the static compile
- in the in the start folder and 
the MSVC,
BCB and VMS project files the "DOCBparser.c" is still 
present (mostly
associated with WITH_TRIO_SOURCES)

  Someone provide patches ! I won't mess with the win32 
subdir since
I have absolutely no way to test any of the changes I would make.

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