[xml] RFE: Schema-validation API

The WXS module in libxml2-2.5.11 provides an interface
to schema-validate an instance document, given the schema
document as either a URL or in a memory buffer.
However, in my project I already have the schema document
as a xmlDocPtr object (ie. it is already parsed as an XML document).
At the moment my code serializes the schema document into
a memory buffer and then passes that buffer to
xmlSchemaNewMemParserCtxt.  This routine then re-parses the

Accordingly, my RFE is to have a new API that accepts the
schema document as an xmlDocPtr.  Something like:

xmlSchemaParserCtxtPtr xmlSchemaNewDocParserCtxt   (xmlDocPtr doc);

The code would be fairly straight-forward, in fact almost
trivial.  I can do the implementation and submit it as a
patch if desired.

I note that RNG validation already has a similar interface.

Steve Ball

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