Re: [xml] libxml socket stream

On Sun, Oct 12, 2003 at 01:29:43PM +0200, aliban gmx net wrote:
ok, sorry. here again.

ok, i thought about it.

i would like to do it like this:
as the xmlParserInputBufferCreateIO() is limited to a special maximum
amount of readers at one time (15) i would use 

  What do you mean ? I do not understand. I don't know any such limitation

each time my socket recvs data and reader is not working... if reader 
currently working data will waiting in socket and get fetched later..

the reader will read data until there come an error by an unfinished 
for example or the last node was done successfully...

whatever the hope is that the reader will stay at the same position 
as befor the error/last success happened. thus i can simply 
xmlParserInputBufferPush() the missing but finally recvd data and 
continue reading. reader would then do the error node again and 
everything would be fine.
well, do you think this would work?

  No idea. I don't understand what you're trying to do.


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