[xml] libxml socket stream

hi. over a socket stream i receive a document. the document is very 
big and might need houres to get transmitted. i think xmlreader 
should be used for this.

my problem is this. as i want to parse "on the flow" i have to pass 
any received buffer to the reader. whatever it can occure that a node 
is not transferred in one socket receive call therefor the reader 
might receive a string that is not xml- finsihed.

like this:

first recv:
<item name='Al


how to pass this "on the flow" to the reader?
do i have to store it in a temporary buffer?

I also need to know, can it happen that reader is currently working 
(and using readers buffer) while new data is recv over the socket - 
the socket would try to append the data to the readers buffer while 
reader is using it...

how to suspend the reader?


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