Re: [xml] xmlValidityErrorFunc how-to?

I have still problem with obtain information where orror (or warning) was 
occured during validation.
If I use
        ValidCtct->error = (xmlValidityErrorFunc) my_function;
then I obtain xmlValidCtxt.userData section, error message as a "formated 
string" in const char * type and next data determined by formated string.
But I need to obtain pointer to the node whitch is invalid. If I tried
assign the whole validation context to its own userData and tried to read
current node (I thing that it may be the node in whitch the error was occured),
it returned NULL in all pointer items (node etc.) or 0 in int items(nodeNr etc).
I founded nothing in error.c.
So, is any way how to obtain pointer to xmlNode in whitch error was occured
during validation? (not only string with error message with element name)


Petr Novak, Liberouter Project (
E-mail: novak merlot ics muni cz

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