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On Wed, Oct 08, 2003 at 10:38:42AM +0200, Mickautsch, Alfred wrote:
Was interesting to see you did printf like functions btw. :) 
are those safe 
for overflows and such ?

They use vsnprintf internally, so they are safe for buffer overflows. I did a little searching and found 
out that vsnprintf isn't very portable (different implementations return different values for the same 
errors). So I will have to fix that.
Output truncating if the buffer is too small is still a problem, so I will have to call vsnprintf in a loop 
until it returns a value less than the size of the buffer.
And if vsnprintf returns a negative value, errno should be checked, of course... you never know what errors 
you can get :-(

does any other part oflixml use printf like functions anyways ?

I saw an xmlStrPrintf mentioned on the list not so long ago (obviously) :)

  We use the TRIO set of *printf reimplementation for platforms where
they are not available. So there should be no portability issues, it's
already dealt with. I'm not sure what your problems are in practice.


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