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Von: Jeroen Cranendonk [mailto:j cranendonk emaxx nl]
Gesendet: Montag, 6. Oktober 2003 18:55
An: Mickautsch, Alfred; xml gnome org
Betreff: Re: [xml] xmlTextWriter

Cool! ^-^

but slightly double work perhaps ? :)

Amazing! After looking at your code and if I didn't know it better :) I'd say I copied at least some parts 
from your code :-). 
I even found a bug that we share in our code (I think it's a bug): the xmlTextWriter allows for multiple xml 
prologs in the same document (you can call xmlTextWriterWriteStartDocument after calling 
xmlTextWriterWriteEndDocument), which in my opinion does not conform with the xml standard.

I made another start on a similar xml writer interface, I've 
mentioned it
before on the mailinglist :)

I am quite new on this list so I didn't know that you were working on the same thing.

Currently it's slightly stalled because I'm waiting for the patches of
another mailinglist member,
but it prolly does partly the same as yours :)

Thoug I haven't looked at your code yet , still glad to see 
someone else
works on the idea too :)

Well, maybe I should stop the work on xmlTextWriter. I do not know, if two slightly different aproaches are 
the best thing we should do.

Servus -- Alfred

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