AW: AW: WG: [xml] WG: Document traversing interface for libxml2

  Right, this makes some sense too, this actually gets really close
to the C# interfaces if I understand correctly.
  An xmlWalker would then be a structure exposing a set of 
callbacks to do
NextElement/PrevElement/... Kind of low level driver access 
to data, and
the xmlTextReader offering a standard API on top of it.
  Maybe the existing code should be removed if we plan to go this way.
Shuffling APIs is okay during the beta phase but once 2.6.0 
is released,

Yes, I think this would be the better solution.

I must garantee API/ABI stability. Extending the base xmlTextReader to
be able to process random data is an interesting idea but might take
a bit of time to do right. I'm rather busy with other things planned
for 2.6.0 (the TODO list is simply scary !) so if you (and 
Bjorn and others)
want to work on it, fine, but I can't really focuse on that right now.

I can work on the xmlWalker, but this will surely take some time, since,
like you will have found out, I do not know very much about the internals
of libxml2. I am more the like of a libxml user.
Besides I can work on it only on weekends. So the time schedule should
not be very tight.
And I do not have internet access at home, so my feedback to the list
will be somewhat delayed when I am not at work.

Regarding the coding style: can someone please tell me what parameters
I must pass to indent for libxml2 code?

Servus -- Alfred

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