Re: [xml] xmlStrPrintf function

 Since the patch is very small, and you have plenty of good reasons to
do so, fine. Go ahead, and commit...

Thanks! The patch is commited:

Checking in ChangeLog;
/cvs/gnome/gnome-xml/ChangeLog,v  <--  ChangeLog
new revision: 1.1649; previous revision: 1.1648
Checking in parser.c;
/cvs/gnome/gnome-xml/parser.c,v  <--  parser.c
new revision: 1.317; previous revision: 1.316
Checking in include/libxml/parser.h;
/cvs/gnome/gnome-xml/include/libxml/parser.h,v  <--  parser.h
new revision: 1.104; previous revision: 1.103

BTW The C14N module will also be integrated into the new error handling
this won't change the API/ABI but I will have to touch your code a bit
I think. I will do my best to not break things though :-)

The tests in the suite provide pretty good coverage. And I am recompiling xmlsec with CVS version of libxml2 every other day anyway so even if you break something we would quickly
find it out :)


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