Re: [xml] xmlRemoveID patch

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 09:44:27AM -0400, Rob Richards wrote:
One question on the streaming issue:
In xmlAddID and xmlAddRef it supposedly checks for streaming mode, yet I
found out when running the exact same test you did, ctxt->vstateNr is always
0 in here so ret->attr always gets set which causes the issues when
streaming (following from xmlAddID):

  Yes my test was precisely about streaming  + DTD validation.

From the looks of it though, xmlRemoveID never worked.

  Don't understand why.

    cur = xmlHashLookup(table, ID);
    if (cur != attr) {

  hum, maybe.

The patch breaks  the regression tests due to the following:
xmlTextReaderFreeProp calls xmlRemoveID which now works and really removed
the xmlIDPtr from doc-ids.

  and I don't want that behaviour when streaming.
When streaming I don't want the ID to be removed from the table by that
I want the attribute it reference to be NULLed and the id kept in the
table so that validation checking works in streaming mode too.


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