[xml] RAW && NXT with strncmp()

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Hi community,
I think this is the question mainly to Daniel Veillard, but ... :-)))
I found 79 (more or less) places in the parser.c code that contains fragments like this:
if ((RAW == '<') && (NXT(1) == '?') && (NXT(2) == 'x') && ....)
Its functionality is exact repetition of the functionality of the strncmp() standard function.
if (strncmp(RAW, "<?x...", n) == 0) ...
This function can be expanded inline using the #pragma intrinsic(...) instruction.
For my opinion this change will improve the code readability and maintenance, will reduce the source code size and object code size.
What is your opinion on this?
With best regards,
Igor Izvarin

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