Re: [xml] xmlDocDump crashing on windows

Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
I think it is in principle impossible/inadvisable/bad to use both versions
of the Windows runtime libraries anywhere in your libraries and application.
That's why there are often 4 versions of every Windows library. 2
(debug/release) * 2 (the 2 runtimes) = 4.

There is more Windows than that. :-) You have the libc (singlethreaded static), libcmt (multithreaded static) and msvcrt (multithreaded dynamic). Each incarnates as debug and as release, that makes 6 runtimes, neither of which is fully compatible to any other.

And don't forget few prominent compilers, such as Borland's, which have and use their own runtime. And look at the youngest offspring of the MS compiler with its .NET IDE. It brings its own runtime as well, incompatible of course, all you have to do is cast a double to long and your app won't work without that specific runtime.

Not a nice picture, all that. :-)


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