Re: [xml] Problems with "%" characters in the path or filename version 2-2.6.2

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 09:36, Johnson, Cameron wrote:
I have encountered a problem with the XML parser and I would like to
know if there is an easy solution. From a desktop application not a
web based application I open a XML file to parse.  The filename of
this application contains a â??%â?? in the name of the file.  Before you
open the file you pass the filename you use the function
xmlURIUnescapeString(). I understand that this character should be
removed as â??%â?? represents an escape character in an URI however if the
input is from user input(i.e. dialogs on MAC and WINDOWS) the
character is part of the filename.  At present I have commented out
the calling of this function to get the library to open the proper
file.  I am uncomfortable with this solution as I am sure that this
function is needed in some circumstances.

You do not explain how you are calling libxml to open a file here, so I
am guessing a little bit. But if libxml is expecting a string that is
URI-escaped, then you need to escape any user input before calling that
function (using xmlURIEscapeStr() ).


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