Re: FW: [xml] XInclude use in code?

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 10:51:42AM -0500, Paul Robert Hayes wrote:

"Buggy"  undoubtedly!  Yep, I have just started parsing XML and just started
using your routines as well.  (chuckle)  I am still trying to get an
understanding of the design style in the library for use and the examples
have been very helpful.

So the example that checks the name should be checking the type as well?

Or is it that the new "name" is Xinclude that I then need to parse in a

Part of the confusion comes from the fact that the docdump outputs the XML
file without any Xinclude tags in it which, to me, implies that the doc from
getrootelement() does not have them in it.

  1/ use xmllint --xinclude on the document. Does the transformation work ?
  2/ go back to your code . when you walk the tree you *must* look at 
     the node "type" value before processing that node.

What was the original intent for use of the two subroutines in libxml?

  The functions are described in
they work as expected. I can't debug your code. It's fractionnal anyway so
not debuggable.


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