Re: [xml] Fw: import tag somewhat fixed

On Fri, Nov 21, 2003 at 11:48:06AM +0100, rost lo-res org wrote:
  Okay, applied, I also integrated the example in the regression suite.
But I had to fix a number of memory leaks in various conditions [1], as
well as build the URI-Reference from the schemaLocation (compose with
the base of the containing element).

Ok. I will take the debugging conventions into respect the next time.

  it's not debugging convention, it's rather making sure you code don't
leak, which can be difficult to track down. So If you're working on modifying
libxml2 sources, simply configure with --with-mem-debug activated, and check
the .memdump output from xmllint, testSchemas or other tools. Valgrind
is also a very good way to pinpoint memory and general programming errors.


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