Re: [xml] AIX RS6000

Hi kurt,

I have been using in libxml 2.5.5 in production environment on AIX for quite
some time now.

The only "non standard" thing I have done is to switch the libxml2 network
support off at configure time.

I use an AIX 5L on a RS6000 (now pserie) machine.
The /usr/bin/install belongs the bos.rte.commands fileset:

bash-2.05a$ lslpp -w /usr/bin/install
  File                                        Fileset               Type
  /usr/bin/install                            bos.rte.commands      File

The result of the oslevel command on my development machine is:

bash-2.05a$ oslevel

We may not have the same environement ...

Selon Kurt Schwind <kurt schwind arch com>:

Anyone using the library on an RS6000 running AIX?

I've been having to hack the Makefiles a good bit to get it to compile. 
Just wondering if anyone else has hit these issues.

/usr/bin/install is not the same 'install' that the configure script
thinks it is.
And I got a strange SAX.o is not a COFF file error, which I got around
by turning off shared libraries.
Kurt Schwind <kurt schwind arch com>
Arch Wireless

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