Re: [xml] wrong compiler settings for MSVC in makefile

Be careful, if you do so, because the "dllstatic" could be understood
wrong, because if you want to link the lib statically into a DLL you
need an additional define to the LIBXML_STATIC. It's the
I am not sure, if there was an exception in case of "tls" set for
threads. You have to look-up some discussion around the beta6 time on
the list. I had a lot of problems with the lib linked statically to
DLLs in that time and before that. Somebody wanted to add that
special define at least for documentation reason (was it you, Igor?).

No, that wasn't me. This has nothing to do with the runtime anyway.

But hasn't done it yet. there still the obsolete "docb" in the
configure.js/makefile? Or did they keep it for ABI compatibility.

The functions are still there, but the code isn't. Users shouldn't expect
any compatibility here, but rather migrate the documents to XML DocBook.


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