Re: [xml] wrong compiler settings for MSVC in makefile

I will second Oliver's request for alternate run-time library options.
of applications (particularly embedded) need true static libraries.  I

I Don't agree. I would gladly learn an example which cannot be solved

propose the that what you are currently calling "static" should be changed
to "dllstatic" because that is what it is: a static library for linking
DLL's (good for little else).  There should be three options: static,
multi-threaded (which could be a combination of the existing static and
threads options) and DLL static.  These would use the -ML, -MT, and -MD
compile options respectively.  And, if "debug" is specified, a "d" should
appended to the above options - otherwise you get that annoying mismatched
default libs link error.

Sorry, I cannot even understand the parallel existence of several
incompatible runtimes with the same functionality and from the same vendor,
let alone the practice of their parallel usage. To me it looks like a
machination of the vendor's sales dept, discouraging the use of the C
runtime in favor of the OS API which is hardly portable and therefore
binding to the underlying platform.

And why should anything link to a debug version of the runtime? You cannot
debug it anyway and even if you do it, there is no point. Want to spot
errors and fix the runtime? On Linux perhaps, but on Windows? No way.

If others think this is worthwhile, I can provide the patch to
and the skeleton Makefile.

Okay. Provide a patch and I will integrate it. But make it an alternate
behaviour, controlled through a command-line option to configure.js. That I
have no problem with.


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