Re: [xml] running libxml in kernel space (fwd)

At 15:38 13.11.2003, you wrote:

>   You may want to look at expat for embeddeding too if libxml2 gives
> troubles.
which one would be best in your optionion?

I've written a minimal SAX2 XMLWF (well formedness) parser that could fit your needs. It actually fullfills most of the subset requirements that Daniel listed, see

It's simpler than expat or libxml2 (mostly 'cos it implements only subset of xml 1.0 spec of course).

The heap usage could be tweaked more easily because parser is simpler and smaller although not as fast
as expat (but it should be fast enough for most purposes).
Then again it might be that markup is bloat solution for memory critical environment, just like Daniel wrote.

with respect,

Toni Uusitalo

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