AW: [xml] unresolved external symbol __imp__xmlLoadExtDtdDefaultV alue

Actually, I would rather put LIBXML_THREADS_ENABLED 
in win32config.h, since defining _REENTRANT may
have effect on other, non-libxml-related, header files.

What? Your code includes header files other than those of libxml? Now,
that's lame :-) Libxml has a file IO, speaks FTP and HTTP, it can even plug
a garbage collector. What else can you possibly need? Besides libxslt, of
course. :-) :-)

Bah, the coffee is bad this morning. Wish I could simply #define _REENTRANT
and use a toilete without having to wait for the person who occupies it to
get out :-)

In any case, it would probably be better to have
the same ABI with or without threads...

Yes, that would be better. 

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