/usr/lib64?? (was: Re: [xml] Patch: installing Python into actual site-packages)

These patches update libxml2/libxslt's python/Makefiles to use the
$(PYTHON_SITE_PACKAGES) value, as discovered by configure, rather
than synthesizing one; the logic guesses wrong in the case where
Python is not installed under $(libdir).  The patch is against
libxml2 2.5.7 and libxslt 1.0.29.

Hum, I feel a bit cautious about those patches, basically I'm afraid
that they break on the x86_64 platform, where libdir is /usr/lib64
IIRC, not /usr/lib , and I cannot break the python bindings of
libxml2, really ... I need to do some tests first.

Under what broken circumstances and OSes is there a /usr/lib64?  That
just strikes me as horrible abomination of design that fundamentally
breaks the contract between the OS and the programmer to have a
different path for 64bit vs 32bit libraries.  ::grump::

Is there any rationale to explain this?  Perhaps a URL w/ a


T "/usr/lib64 authors" PLZ BE INIT'ING YOUR BRAINS K THX

Sean Chittenden

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