Re: [xml] uri again :)

On Wed, Mar 19, 2003 at 02:49:50PM -0800, Lorenzo Viali wrote:
hi again,

there 3 problems i can explain, examples are attached
in 'test_patch.tar.gz':
'bugs' is the output of the 3 programs associated when
linked against unpatched library.
'patch' is the output of the 3 programs associated
when linked against patched library.
'diff bugs patch' is the difference of those outputs.
'why' is the bellow explanation of missbehaviours.
'Makefile' is the (implicit) input of the 'make'
program used to built the 3 programs
the rest of the files are examples that catch the
questionable behaviour from uri.c exported functions.

  I tried to go through this, it's still quite confusing...

./patch_ex_xmlNormalizeURIPath <<
file uri.c, function xmlNormalizeURIPath

line 772
it is doing an extra cur[1] even if cur[0] = '\0'
(after cur += 3), so outside the end of the string,
which is *not* allocated.

  Okay that makes sense. Applied. I also applied all the
tests for uri != NULL after changing them so that the
level of predecedences are cleanly indicated with ( and ).
./patch_ex_xmlSaveUri <<
file uri.c, function xmlSaveUri
line 275
this is just a choice, but also (source) optimisation:
whether to represent '/' as literal or as escaped %2F.

  Why did you decide that escaping it was wrong in that
context ? 
  I applied it anyway but I can't get the reason. I don't
know either why I specially changed that code to escape 
/ in opaque parts, this is probably because someone asked for
it, and I have no justification about what is right, this
is unpleasant ...

./patch_ex_xmlParseURIServer <<
file uri.c, function xmlParseURIServer

it behaves wrong if the first 3 parts of the server
address, separated by '.', are numeric, the fourth
but is followed by some more characters (alnum) that
make it
suitable for <hostname>, not <IPv4address>; the bug is
that it loses
some part of the hostname, and moreover, it returns a
parse error!
e.g. "";
it goes until after '.30' and now it stops on 'r',
thinking what?
that only a ':' (port) or '/' (path) or '?' (query)
can follow?
but look, this is actually a valid <server>!!!


e.g. "ftp://xml-org."; resolves it to <reg_name>
not the <server> 'xml-org.'


this it is mentioned in the source code
that it does not handle '-.' (dash dot) group.
e.g. ""; resolves to <server> '',
when this should be a <reg-name>.


About the big part of the patch, in xmlParseURIServer,
it's an optimized, corrected and hacked replacement of
original IPv4address/hostname discrimination
- about 10 lines of code -, no 'goto's, no twice
setting of uri fields authority and server...

  okay applied, I hope it won't break in real use.

Concerning the way to detail the problem, I would really have prefered 
if you extended testURI.c with a new switch to show the various parts
one the URI is parsed than hacking custom tests which are not reusable.


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Network
veillard redhat com  | libxml GNOME XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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