RE: [xml] final output filtering?

  Hum, can you confirm it's really the existing behaviour ?

Yes, it is. Every \n gets prepended by \r. 

  Okay, it's really worse than what I expected :-\

Hehe, what else did you expect? :-) Every \n fwrite interprets as a line
break and converts it to \r\n. It won't spare CDATA sections :-) :-).

  if it's just notepad then it's a feature :-\ . But I'm 
afraid of breaking
tools now ... maybe we should switch it on the next release, 
advertize it and 
revert if it's a serious problem...

Agree, let's do so. 

My fault is never having tested the output of any other encoding save for
those I needed, ASCII and UTF-8. I therefore never noticed that UTF-16
output might perhaps be broken. If noone else screamed so far, then either
noone has been using this output, or someone was and ended misunderstood and
banned to get a proper unicode editor. 

I'll test it later and if UTF-16 output is really broken, then "wb" it must
be, the tools don't matter. No point in keeping libxml broken, and the tools


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