Re: [xml] guile bindings

Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

On Thu, Jul 31, 2003 at 08:23:52PM +0100, Nic wrote: 

Firstly, thanks for replying.

Nic said:
But would anyone (particularly Daniel) be interested in a patch to 
the main libxml code to add guile as a distributed binding? (eg: a 
--with-guile patch to the autoconf?) 
  Hum, there is a lot of points which would need to be checked so that 
those bindings gets distributed as part of libxml2 itself: 
  1/ Licence should match 
  2/ garantee of maintainability 
  3/ completeness 
  4/ cleanness  
  5/ size 

Yes. I understand that these things would have to happen before I
handed code over to you for distribution inside the libxml2 distro.

However, a separately downloadable patch might still be useful.

The reason I think this is that the implementation of the library is
actually only 3 files. But with all the libtool and autoconf stuff
it's actually rather a lot of files.

A patch to either the Guile dist or the libxml2 dist would be a lot
less weighty.

 in general adding the bindings means as a result that I guarantee some 
level of support, and that's something which might take a bit of time 
to estimate. I would really prefer bindings which are automatically gnerated 
from the XML API definition of the library, this somewhat garantees a 
minimum status for point 2/ 3/ and 4/ . 

Yes. Sounds like something to work towards.

  I have no idea at the moment about the current state of your code, 
and it would be premature - I think - to say yes at this point. But I'm 
in general interested in getting good bindings for common languages. 

My code is now up on savannah:

There's CVS access and a tarball.


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