RE: [xml] standard dtd?!

I've seen combinations of C:\etc\xml\catalog , C:\xml\catalog and, wait
it... C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\xml\catalog :-) Very bodged.

Wouldn't the above (Daniel's bit not mine) turn into \etc\xml\catalog
(which is
either interpretted as current-drive:\etc\xml\catalog or system-
? So that should be alright, if not the user can control the location via
of) the environment variable(s).

I'm reluctant to stick my nose in here since I don't know what a catalog is, but I think the correct solution 
would be to use the Windows Shell function SHGetFolderPath, specifying a folder ID of CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA, 
and adding \xml onto the end of the result. This would typically give C:\Documents and Settings\All 
Users\Application Data\xml, but would always be something that is correct for the system it is running on.

It's only a suggestion, and the idea of adding Windows system calls into the code may fill some of you with 


PS I would be willing to make the change if someone pointed me in the right direction and gave me some advice 
on how to test it.

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