Re: [xml] [PATCH] Character encodng cleanup

Hi Daniel, All,

Daniel wrote:
  I'm on the road ATM, I will try to integrate your patch, but didn't had
time yet, will do for sure, if I forgot poke me again :-)

I want to remind you of the UTF-16 output patch in: 
"[PATCH] for UTF-16 output (was Re: [xml] UTF16 output broken in 2.5.8 
(WIN32)?)" (Message-ID: <3F19318D 10784 228302 localhost>)

and the ISO-8859-2..9 (removal of broken support) patch in:
"[xml] [PATCH] Character encodng cleanup" (Message-ID: 
<3F1ADBC9 28168 4A84F6 localhost>)

Looking into that second message, you may also want to consider whether to 
include native (non iconv) ISO-8859-2..16 support, demonstrated in the 
third attachment.

Peter Jacobi

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