[xml] Re: Access Violation

William M. Brack wrote:
As Daniel mentioned, it's a little difficult making guesses with a
code snippet, but you have gotten me a little confused.  First,
could you confirm that the line

   xmlNodePtr pValueText = pValue->children;

really should be

   xmlNodePtr pValueText = pEvent->children;

or else give me a hint what pValue is pointing to.

sorry, missed that one

xmlNodePtr pValue = pEvent->children

In other words, pEvent will be pointing to the TEXT node, which is
the first child of firstChild, and not to the ELEMENT E which you
expect.  This is what Daniel is talking about when he advises you to
check the node type.

If I have misunderstood, or if one of my assumptions is incorrect,
please clarify.



Sorry, I obviously made this far more confusing than intended

I put the spaces in for readability in the mail
The real xml is on one line so it's very hard to read in plain text


pOperationElement is <firstChild>...</firstChild>
pEvent is <E>...</E>
pValue is <V>...</V>
pValueText is 48471740

Another thing which I didn't mention in the original mail is that the code in the loop works perfectly for about 50,000 iterations before it fails, that is why I asked if there was a limit (I'd have been surprised if there was but had to be sure) and also why it looks like heap corruption of some sort

Hopefully this makes a bit more sense.
I have tried to split the code out to something I could send but haven't had any luck!


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