[xml] Access Violation


I am getting a crash using libXml so I wanted to verify I am using it

I am running WindowsXP using VC6 SP5 and using libXml2-2.5.8

The crash can't be debugged, it does happen in a debug build but it will 
keep working as long as I step through line by line once I let it run 
it will throw an exception (Access Violation) and when the exception happens
the call stack is gone !
(sounds like heap corruption)

What I am doing is parsing an XML file that has a structure as follows

There are 100,000 E nodes 
Is there a limit on the number of children a node can have?

I am using it as follows
void fn(xmlNodePtr pOperationElement)
        xmlNodePtr pEvent = pOperationElement->children;
        while (pEvent != NULL)
                xmlNodePtr pValueText = pValue->children;
                const char* bstrValueText = reinterpret_cast<char
                // etc...
                pEvent = pEvent->next;

I assume since it looks like heap corruption that I am misusing the library
in some way
Is there anything here that looks wrong to anyone?

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