[xml] Transport plugins for libxml applications

At some point there will be tranports that for one reason or another can't be 
added to libxml. This idea addresses that problem.

It is conceivable that there be a set of contributed transport libraries which 
a libxml application could use. In the best case scenario this would involve 
no changes libxml and would provide more transports that would be possible 
otherwise. The key questions are
        o Are people interested in providing a library to access the libxml transport 
functionality  that they have written?
        o Would there be libxml based applications that would use libxml transport 
plugins if available?


I have in mind that, at time of configuration of the libxml application the 
transports available are detected, the required libraries then get added to 
the compiler link line and a  transportsetup.c is created that contains a  
the tranportSetup and tranportCleanup functions. 

tranportSetup is called duing the application initialization and it  calls the 
underlying init functions for each transport found, for example 
xmlTransportSqlInit, which is defined in one of the tranport libraries found 
during the configure stage. tranportCleanup would do the cleanup needed and 
be called by the application during its cleanup.  

Keith  Isdale
http://sourceforge.net.projects/xsldbg  |   xsldbg helping understand 

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