RE: [xml] DTD/Schema -> ID = Name or NCName


First, thanks for the honest and detailed answer, I appreciate this.

  Well, basically you should not use ':' in names they are of reserved use by the XML spec and that was > 
clearly stated even from the first revision of the spec. 

Mea culpa. Didn't catch this lil' note in the spec.

  Second if you use XInclude, your document must conform to the namespace spec, and the namespace spec > 
forbids using ':' in NCNames. 
  Third XPath also requires the document to conform to the namespace spec so trying to use XPath on a 
document which such IDs is certain to lead to troubles.

What I don't understand here is, why isn't the XML spec updated with respect to this, or even designed with 
respect to this? OK, it's maybe philosophical; and as you pointed out, the spec already advised against the 
use of colons in any Name, so I don't need an answer ;)

I'm sorry for your problem but I think it's an useful lesson, you really have to
redefine your identifiers, it's unfortunate but there is no other option.

Well, that's OK. As I said in my post, I eventually will re-design my ID definition. Lesson learned, I think.

Regards & "bonne soirée",
Johann Richard

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