[xml] DTD/Schema -> ID = Name or NCName


I am somewhat desperate about a problem with the latest LibXML (2.5.8).
I have XIncludes and use, for some reason(!) and some time, ID's of the
form "class:specifier", e.g. 

<section id="section:1-00-3435"/>

Moreover, I use the DocBook DTD to validate my XML against. For that, as
you certainly know, ID is defined as "NameChar", allowing, as far as I
understood, colons in ID values. [http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-xml#NT-Name]

I found that the XPath implementation in xpath.c checks the ID with
"xmlValidateNCName()", obviously making Xinclude's with colon's in ID's

I know that in XML Schema, an ID must be of type "NCName", but as far as
I understood, colons are really allowed for DTD based XML. I remember,
though, that with older versions (presumably LibXML2 2.4.1), the ID's of
the form I mentioned, ought to work. That and my research on ID values
basically led to the decision to use that form for ID values.

Would it be possible to add some distinction in "xpath.c" that handles
ID's differently, based on the condition that LIBXML_SCHEMAS_ENABLED is
defined or not, or even by setting some condition at runtime, based on
the fact that a document validates against a schema or a DTD, if this
fits your coding style?

Please, correct me if I am wrong with my assumptions about DTD's and

Best regards & thanks a lot for any comment,
Johann Richard

PS: I will eventually change the way we assign ID values, but since
LibXML2, 2.4.1, quite a few documents had been produced ... :S

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