Re: [xml] XInclude and xml:base attribute

Johann Richard wrote:

What about adding the "xml:base" as an "extension" to the XML
Schema? Personally, I think that would be the more correct approach,
xml:base can be seen as an "extension" to your schema, adding some


In the future my XML Schema will import other XML Schemas which are out of my
control and I can't modify. I would like to be able to use xinclude everywhere
in my document, not only in the elements defined by me. These third-party
Schemas don't have support for xml:base in their elements, and I don't know how
to add this "extension" to XML Schema types without touching the original

Now I'm thinking about:
1) Parse the source and process XInclude (adding xml:base attributes)
2) Make a copy of the document, remove xml:base and validate
3) If the document without xml:base is valid, go ahead and read the original
document (the one with the xml:base attributes) 


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