Re: [xml] xmllint reporting that a schema is empty


> seems that this is new for version 2.5.8

Instead it seems you have to compile it with WXS support.

> (I've got 2.5.7).

Me to:

        --relaxng schema : do RelaxNG validation against the schema
        --schema schema : do validation against the WXS schema

C:\foo\libxml\libxml2-2.5.7.win32\util>.\xmllint.exe --version
[...] using libxml version 20507

compiled with: FTP HTTP HTML C14N Catalog DocBook XPath XPointer XInclude Iconv Unicode Regexps Automata Schemas

> Anyway
> there is no option --schema. So hopefully in 2.5.9 solaris 2.6
> works again. Thanks alot anyway.

Try compiling with "Schemas".



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