Re: [xml] UTF16 output broken in 2.5.8 (WIN32)?

Windows crap in action, sorry ...

True, but I can still play more games than you can ;-) Now unrelated to the
UTF-16 output, how can I explain it to you? To anyone?

Windows is a good lesson. It teaches you not to seek for perfection which is
never there. It teaches you to patch. And when you later behold your cloak,
you see only patches of different colours, and they are all yours, covering
the original which has faded away long since. Your cloak is patches, and it
is unlike any other, and it is warm, and you know all its sides and pockets,
and you wear it. You remember the times when you were wed with perfection,
but today another bride claims the ring on your finger. She is patches. She
is yours. You made her, her every thread. In time, she claims your heart.
You embrace her then, and you know life.

Know what I mean? :-)

As there are already some occurences of "wb", shall I replace the
"w" with "wb"?

  yeah, seems it should not break anything finally...

That's my fault, I still haven't done the planned zlib integration. gzopen
instead of fopen would have cleared those drains. Oh, well... I'm simply
having too much fun lately, neglecting both the work and the hobbies. Oh,
no, I am not complaining ;-) If a genie would come out of the next bottle I
open, and would offer me just one wish... I would wish for everything to
stay the way it is. :-)


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