[xml] UTF16 output broken in 2.5.8 (WIN32)?

Dear Daniel, All,

In my project of fixing the 8859-* encodings, Im at the stage of
preparing the test cases.

Now a strange behaviour strucks me:

using command lines like:

xmllint --encode utf16 foo.xml

I get at best scrambled output:

- a iconv-less statically linked, self compiled version outputs nothing at 
all (this may be the intended behaviour - does libxml2 uses iconv for 

- Igor's binary (with iconv) outputs invalid UTF16 ( ... 0d 0a ... at line 

It seems we discussed the problem in the thread "final output filtering",
but no (or incomplete) action was taken.

As there are already some occurences of "wb", shall I replace the remaining 
"w" with "wb"?

Peter Jacobi

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