Re[2]: [xml] [PATCH] Patch for https(ssl) support

DV> that's basically what I stated when Mark Vadoc proposed his implementation
DV> last year (BTW his code seems to work both on Windows crypto and OpenSSL
DV> if I remember correctly).

Mark Vadoc has offered implementation only based on Windows crypto API. OpenSSL
is not supported.

DV> Now if there general agreement that the support should be added in libxml2
DV> source, I would not block the consensus (but I may keep it configured off
DV> by default at least in my builds). In that case I assume Mark have been
DV> maintaining and running his own patch for a bit more than a year and that
DV> one might be a good candidate for integration.

DV>   Do we want to reopen this issue ?

IMHO the question of support https in libxml is actual and if question only in
change of implementation with usage existing API I can finish a patch. I agree
that by default support libxml should be excluded. Should I to finish a patch
or we'll stop on Mark Vadoc's implementation?

 Alexey Ivanov                            mailto:xelon xelon ru

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