Re: [xml] Reordering of meta tags -- Bug?

On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 06:19:31PM +0200, Tobias Reif wrote:
Daniel Veillard wrote:

 >   The node is (re-)created because your are serializing XHTML-1.0

There are various issues with that behaviour.

  There is a zillion of issues with XHTML1, passing the encoding
it's funky serialization rules (non normative because otherwise
the XML group would have blocked it from REC) etc ...

 > and
 > in accordance to the XHTML-1.0 spec rules for serialization.

I'm not sure if this is mandated by a normative section of a W3C rec.
Can you provide a URL and quote?
 if you remove the non-normative sections it's an empty shell 

xmllint --format also inserts the meta http-equiv if the document has an 
XHTML 1 doctype.

  yes as I said, the serialization for XHTML1 does this.

 > If you don't want this (and other serialization specific serialization
 > rules) to occur remove the DOCTYPE indicating it's an XHTML-1.0
 > document.

Adding an element doesn't seem to be a minor detail of serialization, 
but instead changes the document, it's information set, and the number 
of elements.

  I know if you don't want this:
    - either don't use XHTML DOCTYPE
    - or don't use libxml2
    - or post-process the output
    - or write your own serialization layer

Different details of serialization should not change the (canonical 
version of the) document.

  Blahhh ! Read appendix C. If you disagree simply don't use XHTML1,
this is only a serialization cookbook for HTML-4.01 document seen as XML.
Or don't use libxml2, that's another way,


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