Re: [xml] Reordering of meta tags -- Bug?

Daniel Veillard wrote:

>   The node is (re-)created because your are serializing XHTML-1.0

There are various issues with that behaviour.

> and
> in accordance to the XHTML-1.0 spec rules for serialization.

I'm not sure if this is mandated by a normative section of a W3C rec.
Can you provide a URL and quote?

xmllint --format also inserts the meta http-equiv if the document has an XHTML 1 doctype.

> If you don't want this (and other serialization specific serialization
> rules) to occur remove the DOCTYPE indicating it's an XHTML-1.0
> document.

Adding an element doesn't seem to be a minor detail of serialization, but instead changes the document, it's information set, and the number of elements. An author can add an element if he wants to change the document (eg to fulfill some informative guidelines regarding XHTML 1.0), but a serializer should not add elements AFAICS, IMHO.

Different details of serialization should not change the (canonical version of the) document.



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