On Thu, Jul 17, 2003 at 07:29:50AM +0200, Oliver Fischer wrote:
Daniel Veillard schrieb:

 No, libxml2 internal catalog structure does not allow to load simultaneously
XML and SGML catalogs on the same structure. All constructs which can
be expressed in SGML catalog (and supported by libxml2) are also expressable
with XML catalogs. So convert everything to XML catalogs.

Unfortunately I need both, since I run some applications, which needs 
SGML catalogs.

  At the same time ???

Would it be possible to add an opt. option --catalog-type [xml|sgml]?

  Can't you just undef the uneeded variable before launching xmllint
or xsltproc ? There is already so many options to xmllint and xsltproc !
Why build in the tool what can perfectly be done outside without troubles,
I don't think this request is fully justified !


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