Re: [xml] Windows threading issues

Jesse Pelton wrote:

So, my questions:
1) Does my assessment that libxml needs a patch to work in my scenario make

Yes, it seems so... the crashes with threads cleanup and LIBXML_STATIC
have been reported last month:
(and we still need to review Eugene's patch for that memory leak...)
I've never tested LIBXML_STATIC, so I'm not certain the watchdog thread
can be made to work correctly. In any case, creating additional threads just for that
is not optimal if you have alternative solutions, which is your case.

2) If so, does my solution make sense, or is there a better approach?

You really don't want to use libxml2.dll, don't you? ;-)

Hm. It's probably better to find a way to compile with LIBXML_STATIC, otherwise, when Igor will add the __declspec(dllexport), your dll will end up exporting the whole
libxml api.

So that additional define you suggest would say:



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