Re: [xml] Debugging EXSLT function extension.

  I'm getting yet another bug report with this extension:
Is there anybody who understand how it is supposed to work who could
look it up and fix this ?


The test case submitted with this bug was completely impractical to
investigate, other than to note it was apparently demonstrating the
difference between having an exslt function on a main stylesheet, or
on an imported stylesheet.

Assuming that this was the major complaint, I composed some test
cases of my own, each with a few tens of lines, which demonstrated
that there was, indeed, a problem with imported stylesheets.  I then
went into the libexslt coding and found the trouble area, enhanced
it, and committed the changes to CVS.  All of my test cases now work
without problem, and it appears that the original test case now
behaves correctly (although I am not entirely certain of that, since
I don't really understand what the test is supposed to do).

I will await further testing by the original submitter before
recommending that the bug be closed.


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